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Where smart merchants meet smarter shoppers.

Join the wave of local and international retailers and start securing your future sales now!

What is Layby Cafe?

Layby Café is your single account that enables you to buy online or in-store on layby on the best layby terms.  It’s the most secure, transparent and convenient way to shop on layby with all your favourite merchants and brands.

Now shop & pay the smarter way – watch our video!

How it Works



Create your free account in a matter of minutes to get started instantly



Easily integrate your online store and POS or use our standalone service



Access thousands of consumers that want to shop and pay the smarter way



View all your transactions, updated in real time, from your personal dashboard

No Administration

Layby Café captures customer details electronically in a few quick steps or, if they already have an account, simply search their details to recall their account instantly.

Automated Payments

Layby Café automates the entire layby process, making it easier for customers to pay and for merchants to accept layby payments. We even follow up on outstanding payments so you don’t have to.

No Administration

Secure future sales, extend sea- sonal marketing campaigns or pre-launch new products. Layby Café instantly connects you to one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the country.

No Administration

Whether your business is online, in-store or both, our seamless inte- gration solutions allow you to access a growing base of smarter shoppers in just a few clicks.


Join the wave of local and international retailers that are meeting smarter consumers in a smarter way and start securing your future sales now!